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What is pyschotheraphy? 

Psychotherapy is a treatment for psychological complaints and problems which aims at reducing those complaints and problems, making them clearer or easier to manage.

Psychotherapy consists of conversations with a psychotherapist. To talk about one’s complaints and problems may help to make difficult choices, to learn to regard difficult situations differently and to learn to approach these situations in a new manner, to cope with specific experiences and to take more control of your life.

Generally in psychotherapy you do not receive any concrete advice or practical solutions. The purpose is rather to be enabled, by means of this form of conversation about your problems, to find your own solutions.

Psychotherapy can either be individual or directed to multiple clients or patients at the same time, like in relationship and family therapy.

Whom is it for?

Psychotherapy is a suitable treatment method for psychical complains and problems that you cannot resolve on your own or with the help of your family or friends. These complains and problems can vary a lot: fear, depression, relationship and family problems, burn-out, difficulties to cope with something, stress, eating problems, obsessions, …

How does the therapy evolve?

It always begins with an exploratory session. The purpose of this session is to get an insight over the request for aid and expectations and to check whether psychotherapy would be a suitable working method. If this is the case, the therapist and client decide to begin therapy. Sometimes an additional appointment with a psychiatrist may be planned in order to clear up the diagnosis or/and the need for medication therapy. It is also possible to talk about a referral within the practice or to a therapist outside the practice, so that the best match is reached between your specific request for aid and the psychotherapeutic treatment offered and the expertise of the psychotherapist .

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